About us

Created in 2011, Poppers-zone is your online specialist for your orders of poppers. aromas and toys. We own different warehouses in Europe and United Kingdom and we offer many different options for discreet shipping.

We are member of ADKT GROUP that is a leader on the poppers market and our owner has more than 25 years experience in BDSM and kink. Our professional team is dedicated to find the best products and offer them for the best price. This dedications for more than 10 years now allow us to answer any question you may have. 

Because we valued your time and money Poppers-zone have created an effective logistic solution that allow you to choose the best shipping option and avoid customs fees as much as possible. Per example we ship to UK from the UK, so don't be afraid you won't get an invoice from customs. For Europe, our european warehouse will proceed your order and you can find different options, speed and price. Our parcels are always very discreet and we never describe as poppers. We are packing your products with care and buying from Poppers-zone is the guarantee for fresh and quality products whatever the type of nitrites formula you enjoy the most.

Our stock and catalog are regularly checked and updated. We try to offer new products regularly as some toys and accessories. We offer you also the best libido booster or sex stimulant from the market.

Buy the best aromas at the best price

At Poppers-zone you will find the best formula of poppers or aromas, the best brands and the best prices. We sell all the Nitrites formula that are authorized in Europe.You will find Amyl Nitrites, Pentyl Nitrites, Propyl Nitrites, Hexyl Nitrites or MIX Nitrites. Discover the best brands imported from Canada as Lockerroom that created Jungle Juice or Rush, from Uk with Fist or English, Belgium with some of the best Amyl formula brands like Rush black formula or Amsterdam original.

With Poppers-zone you can purchase 1 bottles or get volume discount or got a mix of brands at a special price. You will be able to try different types and increase your experience. You will also find the old classic poppers and the brand new one.

Poppers and aromas are volatile products, they will increase your sexual arousal and their effects last a few minutes. The power, effect and duration vary from one person to another and depend of the type of product or nitrites formula you have chosen.

Payment Solutions

We accept payment by credit cards, Paypal with 4% extra fees, bank wire 

Poppers-zone is a secured website and your data are fully and seriously protected. There will be no mention of poppers, aroma or Poppers-zone on your bank statements.


We developed an innovative logistic solution allowing you to find different rate, speed and solutions to get your products. We never mention our names, or the content on our parcels. 

Loyalty Program

We value our customers and we have a full range of reward and special offers for you. We have also some exclusive and regular rewards waiting for you, so register to our newsletter to enjoy the Loyalty program with discount, free products and rewards.